Becca + David’s Highlight Reel | The Willowdale Estate

This wedding video has a special place in my heart. It was my second time working with the bride’s family (I filmed her sister’s wedding last November), so the company was familiar and welcoming. It was *also* my second time shooting at the Willowdale Estate – a beautiful leafy venue nestled within a state park in Topsfield, MA. I love the Willowdale for its natural light and tented reception area, but what really put this wedding over the top were the FLOWERS. Luna Gardens Events came here all the way from LA, and they did *not* disappoint. The venue was literally dripping with roses, but done so tastefully that one could easily forget that life is not always so lovely!

And can we just take a second to get back to the couple? Becca and David are amazing, and their baby girl Evey is pretty much the cutest little munchkin I’ve ever laid eyes on. I first met them at a Starbucks outside Boston, and was immediately struck by their laid-back attitude. I am so proud that this family invested in my not once but TWICE, and my only regret is that they do not have any more eligible children! #kiddingnotkidding ;)

Venue: The Willowdale Estate
Florist: Luna Gardens Events
Music Licensing:

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