Wedding Highlight Video | Twelve Oaks Mansion | Mars, PA

So this is my cousin Jen Jen and her husband Greg. I remember her as a wild child of three-ish running amok in my grandmother’s house, her hair a tangle of dark curls. Here she is in 2015, all grown up and looking so beautiful! I was especially impressed by her makeup, which stayed put through four solid hours of dancing. She was a bride who rocked the party!

A lot of people don’t like shooting weddings for family, but I think it’s one of the best things a wedding videographer can do. A good wedding video lets you re-live all your favorite moments from the ceremony and reception in vivid movement and color, and look back later to see loved ones having the time of their lives. I know I’m biased, but I really do feel it’s a gift that I’m blessed to share. If I have the opportunity to share that gift with my own family? Well, I can’t pass it up.

I was privileged to have my husband Brandon along – he shared camera duty so I could at least get a *little* socializing in – and Melanie Grady was a pleasure to work with as lead photographer. The vista at Twelve Oaks Mansion could not have been more perfect… Set atop a huge hill in Mars, PA (yes, really), the venue has an exquisite view. Plus, there were fireflies! And a huge staircase for pictures!

Thanks for watching, guys – I’m really pleased with this one :)

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