NEPDA Conference Video: Belmont, MA

So I do a lot of wedding videos, but I do a lot of other stuff too. Recently, I had the pleasure of filming a mini-conference for The New England Personality Disorder Association (NEPDA) – a non-profit organization that promotes education, support, and advocacy for personality disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) specifically. NEPDA is for those who suffer from BPD as well as for those who love them, and seeks to reduce stigma which is often associated with the diagnosis.

The information in the first talk is pretty much invaluable for anyone who uses health insurance, which, these days, is pretty much everyone. The second would be useful for those curious about estate planning on behalf of a disabled individual, and includes a detailed explanation of both SSI and SSDI. The final video in this series provides an overview of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Laura Goodman, of Health Law Advocates, :

Karen B Mariscal Esq., of Margolis & Bloom:

Phyllis Stone, LICSW, of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health:

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