Indian Pond Country Club | Kingston, MA | Wedding Video

True life story:

While driving to this wedding, the front bumper nearly ripped off my car. I noticed it on the drive down to the ceremony, the wildly disconcerting thrum, but it wasn’t until I got on the highway to the Kingston reception that it became clear: I could go no further. I had to pull over halfway there, in my little black dress and glitzy necklace, and basically duct-tape my front end together in a Stop & Shop parking lot. It’s not all glitz and glamour, kids.

Free Advice: always bring emergency adhesives.

I have to give thanks to Kristin Griffin for making this wedding video possible – I’ve been working with her for awhile now, and it’s always such a treat! She even offered to tail me to the reception, if I thought it would help, but I was worried that she might get caught in the crossfire (should my car actually explode).

This is just the cocktail hour of Christina + Mike’s beautiful wedding reception at the Indian Pond Country Club. After my nerve-wracking drive, I took a little time to breathe while filming table settings in the beautiful ballroom. In no time, I was back in proper form. I loved all the little touches the couple put in, like the custom-packaged lollipops and cigar bar! And who doesn’t adore a double-whammy of cupcake tree *plus* wedding cake?

Photography: Kristin Griffin Photography
Venue: Indian Pond Country Club
Music Licensing: The Music Bed

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