About EcA

Hi, I’m Erin Anguish.


Yes, Anguish, like it’s spelled in the dictionary. No, I’m not in pain, it’s just the name they gave my great-grandpa when he came through customs. You can laugh, it’s ok. I do! I can be reached by email at erin@ecaproductions.com.  Please be in touch  – I’d love to help tell your story.

About_MeI’ve been in love with documentaries since 2002, when I hopped on board a PBS-bound show called Country Boys. I started out as an intern fresh from Syracuse University, and, four years later, watched in awe as my name appeared in the nationally-aired opening credits: “Co-Producer”. I spent the year after that at WGBH’s Boston headquarters, digging into the nuts-and-bolts of broadcast-quality television production with the online team at FRONTLINE. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from the best, and it’s served me well.

In 2010, between professional engagements, I decided to start up a video production company of my own, and EcA was born. The work since has ranged from puppet PSAs to grand operas to promos for scientific startups, and of course there’s been a lot of weddings in between! But, no matter the client, I look at each film as a chance to advance my knowledge and skills. I love to work with non-profits, small businesses, and people who like cats.

I’m glad to meet you!

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