Katie + Peter’s Highlight Reel | Westin Forrestal Village | Princeton NJ

It is with GREAT pleasure that I present the wedding of Katie + Peter. I am so proud of this little highlight reel, shot with my husband and partner Brandon Kane at multiple locations near Princeton, NJ. It was a gorgeous fall day, the kind photographers dream about, and Kyo Morishima helped us take full advantage. Music from Old Salt Union made for an incongruously perfect soundtrack to tie it all together.

I loved the “Old Hollywood” feel of Katie + Peter’s wedding, complete with a full band (Franklin Alison Music) to get the crowd up on the floor. NOT that they needed much convincing – this crew was ready to party!! Check out my Vimeo album to find the last dance of the night.

Becca + David’s Highlight Reel | The Willowdale Estate

This wedding video has a special place in my heart. It was my second time working with the bride’s family (I filmed her sister’s wedding last November), so the company was familiar and welcoming. It was *also* my second time shooting at the Willowdale Estate – a beautiful leafy venue nestled within a state park in Topsfield, MA. I love the Willowdale for its natural light and tented reception area, but what really put this wedding over the top were the FLOWERS. Luna Gardens Events came here all the way from LA, and they did *not* disappoint. The venue was literally dripping with roses, but done so tastefully that one could easily forget that life is not always so lovely!

And can we just take a second to get back to the couple? Becca and David are amazing, and their baby girl Evey is pretty much the cutest little munchkin I’ve ever laid eyes on. I first met them at a Starbucks outside Boston, and was immediately struck by their laid-back attitude. I am so proud that this family invested in my not once but TWICE, and my only regret is that they do not have any more eligible children! #kiddingnotkidding ;)

Venue: The Willowdale Estate
Florist: Luna Gardens Events
Music Licensing: Songfreedom.com

Kayla + Matt’s Wedding Video | The Barn at Gibbet Hill

I was excited for this wedding for a couple reasons:

1) The Barn at Gibbet Hill is probably one of my all-time favorite venues,
2) It was another chance to work with my sweet friend Kristin Griffin Photography.

But I was completely unprepared for the awesomeness that was to come. BIG ol’ wedding party, LOTS of fun guests, TONS of *adorable* signage and… before the ceremony! This was a couple that came prepared to party, and they did not disappoint. Although this segment follows Kayla, Matt + co through their formal portraits and “pre-ceremony” shenanigans, the gloves *really* came off during the reception, when they brought the house down to an uptempo mix of “It’s Raining Men”.

And then, when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I noticed this sign.


I freaking love these guys, for real.

(Music Licensing: Songfreedom.com)

Wedding Video | Cocktail Hour | Endicott Estate

First of all, I *love* the Endicott Estate. I looked at it for my own (first) wedding, and would have booked there if I hadn’t been too lazy to deal with glassware and linens and the like. It is a gorgeous old mansion just outside Boston – think “oak walls and pillars”, how things used to be made way back before drywall was a thing.

However! This video is not that! Cocktail hour and dinner were held on the expansive grounds, in an airy tent set with bright-colored flowers. I loved the multicultural flair of Monica and Jishnu’s wedding, and their cake might be the best thing I’ve ever seen. Monica was a beautiful, relaxed bride, and Jishnu obviously adores her. So happy I could be there to document their special day!

Photography: Kristin Griffin Photography
Venue: The Endicott Estate | Dedham, MA
Music Licensing: Songfreedom.com

Wedding Highlight Video | Twelve Oaks Mansion | Mars, PA

So this is my cousin Jen Jen and her husband Greg. I remember her as a wild child of three-ish running amok in my grandmother’s house, her hair a tangle of dark curls. Here she is in 2015, all grown up and looking so beautiful! I was especially impressed by her makeup, which stayed put through four solid hours of dancing. She was a bride who rocked the party!

A lot of people don’t like shooting weddings for family, but I think it’s one of the best things a wedding videographer can do. A good wedding video lets you re-live all your favorite moments from the ceremony and reception in vivid movement and color, and look back later to see loved ones having the time of their lives. I know I’m biased, but I really do feel it’s a gift that I’m blessed to share. If I have the opportunity to share that gift with my own family? Well, I can’t pass it up.

I was privileged to have my husband Brandon along – he shared camera duty so I could at least get a *little* socializing in – and Melanie Grady was a pleasure to work with as lead photographer. The vista at Twelve Oaks Mansion could not have been more perfect… Set atop a huge hill in Mars, PA (yes, really), the venue has an exquisite view. Plus, there were fireflies! And a huge staircase for pictures!

Thanks for watching, guys – I’m really pleased with this one :)

Indian Pond Country Club | Kingston, MA | Wedding Video

True life story:

While driving to this wedding, the front bumper nearly ripped off my car. I noticed it on the drive down to the ceremony, the wildly disconcerting thrum, but it wasn’t until I got on the highway to the Kingston reception that it became clear: I could go no further. I had to pull over halfway there, in my little black dress and glitzy necklace, and basically duct-tape my front end together in a Stop & Shop parking lot. It’s not all glitz and glamour, kids.

Free Advice: always bring emergency adhesives.

I have to give thanks to Kristin Griffin for making this wedding video possible – I’ve been working with her for awhile now, and it’s always such a treat! She even offered to tail me to the reception, if I thought it would help, but I was worried that she might get caught in the crossfire (should my car actually explode).

This is just the cocktail hour of Christina + Mike’s beautiful wedding reception at the Indian Pond Country Club. After my nerve-wracking drive, I took a little time to breathe while filming table settings in the beautiful ballroom. In no time, I was back in proper form. I loved all the little touches the couple put in, like the custom-packaged lollipops and cigar bar! And who doesn’t adore a double-whammy of cupcake tree *plus* wedding cake?

Photography: Kristin Griffin Photography
Venue: Indian Pond Country Club
Music Licensing: The Music Bed

NEPDA Conference Video: Belmont, MA

So I do a lot of wedding videos, but I do a lot of other stuff too. Recently, I had the pleasure of filming a mini-conference for The New England Personality Disorder Association (NEPDA) – a non-profit organization that promotes education, support, and advocacy for personality disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) specifically. NEPDA is for those who suffer from BPD as well as for those who love them, and seeks to reduce stigma which is often associated with the diagnosis.

The information in the first talk is pretty much invaluable for anyone who uses health insurance, which, these days, is pretty much everyone. The second would be useful for those curious about estate planning on behalf of a disabled individual, and includes a detailed explanation of both SSI and SSDI. The final video in this series provides an overview of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Laura Goodman, of Health Law Advocates, :

Karen B Mariscal Esq., of Margolis & Bloom:

Phyllis Stone, LICSW, of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health:

First Ever EcA Wedding Video Blog Post!

I’ve been blogging under a thinly veiled pseudonym since 2002, and I’ve been meaning and meaning to set one up for EcA Productions! Tonight I really wanted to share this short wedding video, so I figured, why not now? I’m trying something new and seizing the moment. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Jenn and Gerald’s big day!

Also, isn’t that the most amazing dress you’ve ever SEEN?

Photo: Photography Your Way

Music Licensing: The Music Bed